It is important that your dog be kept clean, is bathed and brushed regularly and also kept free of mats and dirt.

Use a good moisturizing type of shampoo (human products can be used) and a leave in conditioner that minimizes the tangling of the hair.  Silky hair is like human hair in that it doesn't shed but it will split and break if treated roughly.  A trim ever so often will help keep the split ends to a minimum.

Ears and between Eyes:  Trimming of the ears can be done with clippers and ears should be cleaned of long hair both front and back.  Straight scissors may be used along the edge to neaten them.  This is very important on young pups as the added weight of the hair can keep the ears from standing erect.  Between the eyes can be done with thinning shears and needs to be an upside down "V" from corner of each eye to the part between the ears.  All the long hair between the eyes can be neatly trimmed so the beautiful eyes can be seen

The Feet:  Feet can be trimmed with clippers or scissors.  They should be cleaned of long hairs so as to look neat and  round.  Toenails need to be clipped short which on silkys can be a real chore as they do not like having their feet done. It is best to do this after a bath as the nails are softer and you can wrap your dog in a towel to help control them.  Always have Quick Stop handy for any bleeding.  With black nails it can be hard to tell and accidents do happen.  Not to worry the Quick Stop should stop the bleeding and nails bleed like razor cuts in humans!

You can also tell in the photo the long coat should always be trimmed to be off the ground and slightly following the body outline (tuck up in loin).

This is a photo of a silky cut down in Schnauzer style cut.  Back has been clippered very closely with leg furnishing, chest and belly hair cut to short length.  Face has been trimmed to 'match' the body.

The Tail is easily done by placing two fingers behind the tail 'bone' and cutting the excess hair past the fingers!  No flags please ~

You now have a groomed Silky Terrier ~ !


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